I’ve been reading through Beyond the Western Deep and I realized one thing my webcomics lack these days are blogs with behind the scenes and lore stuff. I used to have them on my main comic, but I had to switch servers twice and lost the original comic blogs. I might go back and talk about the previous pages, but I’llĀ  start again here.

The original chapter 1 of Pixie Clover was 14 pages, but I added quite a bit when I finished and decided to paint the entire thing. I realized that I hadn’t shown the place where Gavin and Mahri live and wanted to show a bit about how the land of Adanya looks. The broken tower in the sea is a continuous symbol of the beastfolk’s endurance to reclaim their land of Adanya and a symbol to the humans of that which they could not keep. The battle of Adanya was 30 years in the past, but the scars are still there.



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