Age: 7
Race: Beastfolk – Sheep
Birthplace: Northern Adanya Highlands
Home: Adanya City, South Adanya
Favorite colors: Pink and Green
Favorite food: Apples, Biscuits and jam
Magic: Is learning green (earth) magic!
Likes: Learning to garden, dolls, ribbons, fishing
Dislikes: Spiders, feverfew tea

Bio: Maggie enjoys learning magic with her friend Kyna. She goes to a small school, but her dream is to be accepted at the Adanya Magic Academy. She enjoys helping her mother around the house and garden.





Age: 23
Race: Beastfolk – Fox
Birthplace: Northern Adanya Highlands
Home: Adanya City, South Adanya
Favorite Colors: Blue and gold
Favorite Food: Bread and brie
Magic: Pixie Witch – skills in green (earth) magic and alchemy.
Likes: Sunsets, dancing, quilting, baking
Dislikes: Cold weather, close minded people

Bio: Amira adopted Maggie when she was 16 and came to live in Adanya where she befriended Bliss and Mahri.





Age: 10 (though mental and physical age he is the human equivalent of a young adult)
Race: Starflower pixie
Birthplace: Northern Adanya Highlands
Home: Adanya City, South Adanya

Favorite Colors: Has no preference
Favorite Food: Steak,  Bugs
Magic: Starflower Pixie magic – Telepathy (with Amira and kin from Nadir), track aura (flora), shield, shapeshift
Likes: Naps, Sun, Bugs, helping Amira
Dislikes: People that think he’s a dumb animal

Bio: Basil became Amira’s pixie partner when she was a young teenager. He’s lively and happy to help, though has a stubborn streak. He’s loyal to Amira and Maggie, but no one else.