Since I get asked a lot about the supplies I use so I wanted to write up a little blog about it.

My main supplies I use are:

My favorite watercolors are the Daniel Smith ones. They are a local company to Seattle and have beautiful colors for a fair price. I use hot press paper only because it is easiest for me to draw on and paint very fine details. I don’t work how one normally would with watercolors for a number of reasons, I’m no expert, but I try to always learn from others.

I worked at many different art stores when I was in my 20’s so I collected a lot of supplies that I normally wouldn’t have bought. I didn’t connect with watercolor until I got a set of Utrecht paints in 2013 along with the hot press paper. It was surprising to me how nice quality products changed my experience with the medium. I tend to not experiment with cheaper products anymore since it’s kind of a waste of my time and money.

Some artists are intimidated by the idea of buying a $10-$25 tube of paint, but I was using Copic markers for a long time and talk about a money pit! A tube of paint lasts me forever while sometimes a $6 marker would only last me for one illustration. Unless you REALLY like the cheaper watercolors (I can’t judge at all!), just try the nicer stuff and save up for new colors. I still experiment a lot with different brands of paper, but I prefer stuff that is 100% cotton. Cold Press paper will show off your paint textures better (like the genuine gemstone paints from Daniel Smith) and hot press is the easiest for me to draw fine details because it’s smooth. The 100% cotton paper allows me to paint more layers than other types.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!